Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frogtown Farm - Urban Ag | City Park

[Rendering of proposed farm, via frogtownfarm.org]

Frogtown Farm is a planned public park in St. Paul, MN that combines productive, recreational and reflective landscape programs in a neighborhood underserved by public open spaces. The plan focuses on human health - through the fresh produce grown on the 5-acre farm and the fresh food grown in backyards of residents trained on the farm; through exercise opportunities; and the mental health benefits of relaxing in natural environs. The plan also focuses on the long-term health of the community - positing that a unique and well-loved public space can make the neighborhood stronger and more stable. 

The park is proposed for a 13-acre site formerly occupied by the Amherst Wilder Foundation, which was recently purchased for this use by The Trust for Public Land. This project is a great example of holistic thinking and integrating agriculture into other landscape typologies, and one which will be great fun to watch develop...

[Views of proposed park, via frogtownfarm.org]