Grow City investigates the relationships between landscape architecture, planning and agriculture. Designers are uniquely positioned to impact where we grow our food, to re-think the physical relationships between landscapes of production and those of consumption, to question the dualities of country/city, productive/ornamental, labor/leisure. Covering stories that range from large-scale food system planning to garden design, Grow City focuses on the physical strategies of transforming our food system into one that is more secure, sustainable and fair.

Grow City is founded and written by Ellen Burke, a landscape architect practicing in San Francisco. She has been researching at the intersection of agriculture and architecture since 2002, when she travelled to Yunnan Province in southern China to study how exotic ornamental landscape plants could empower small farmers to stay on their land. In 2007 she travelled across the U.S. and to Europe to visit 'hybrid agricultural landscapes' - built landscapes that integrate small farms or farm programs into diverse projects such as housing or recreation. In her professional work she seeks projects that address issues of farmland conservation and creation.
An architect by training, and a farm manager at the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz, Dan Tran comes to food systems and design work from a large family of grocers. Grocery and garden work from an early age cultivated his passion for food and community as well as architecture and sustainable design. Dan has worked toward their synthesis ever since in hopes of establishing new urban and rural contexts capable of addressing the growing challenges cities and communities face. As part of his work, Dan regularly visits various farming projects which he hopes to share as a contributor to Grow City.

Pablito (Paul Underhill) is a guest columnist at Grow City. He is a partner at Terra Firma Farm in Winters, CA, and Grow City re-publishes select writings with his permission.

Have a story you'd like to contribute? A project you've worked on that you'd like to write about? Grow City happily considers all pitches. Send an email to ellen@growcitystudio.com.

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