Recent highlights/press/news:

'A Feast of Ideas' - Landscape Architecture Magazine (May 2012) features Grow-City's letter to the Editor. 

'Food and the Built Environment' - U.C. Davis (Feb 17 2012) - Grow-City featured as guest lecturer on integrated agriculture, parks, housing and farms. Pleased to see a packed room of designers interested in our food infrastructure!

'Securing a Food Future' - Civil Eats and Grist featured my article on the potential for urban agriculture on former military bases: read it here, or here. Have a comment? Would love to hear it!

'An Apple Tree Grows in Suburbia' - Wall Street Journal article on 'agriburbia' includes interview with my design firm, SWA Group. Read the article here.

Farm Plus Project published in Bracket's first issue, On Farming, as 'Hybrid Agricultural Landscapes'.

Urban Agriculture Advocacy page launches at SWA Group - read posts on our farm/ag/edible related design work here.